Monday, 1 July 2013

Royal College of Art Degree Show - Highlights

I caught the last weekend of the RCA degree show. Unfortunately I didn't manage to cover the South Kensington campus and I'm not entirely sure I saw everything in the vast Battersea campus set across five buildings.

It covered all the artistic genres from jewellery to film and here are my top picks:

Helena Plado takes seemingly innocuous ceramic containers and covers them with paint that resembles blood splatter. I liked the playful idea of something so fragile being used as a murder weapon to bludgeon someone - it's covered with blood but hasn't experienced a single chip.

Luke Twigger's work is also playful, in that he has immortalised a frozen chicken as a sculpture. It may be a common everyday sight but considering how many people in the world depend on it for food, it's worthy of a statue.

Neil Raitt's supremely dense forest was one of my favourite works as it sucks you in with its repetitive pattern and the vast uniformity - the picture below can't do justice to the attention to detail. He's created a similar effect with mountains but it was the never ending forest was my preference.

The classical architecture that Bee Flowers cuts into her sculptures spoke to me about how the human body is in fact that oldest style of architecture in existence. It also resembles Islamic architecture with its intricate patterns and curving motifs.

Daniel Bragin's contemporary take on religious art showed an experimental curiosity I admire. The use of gold leaf altarpieces as wheels for a bike and a mixed media interpretation of the Virgin and Child, breathe new life into the genre of art inspired by religion.

These are my top picks but let me know if you have your own list of stand out works.