Monday, 20 February 2012

Song Dong: Waste Not

This review has been published by Londonist

Verdict: Worth a look
Where: The Curve, Barbican Centre
When: 15 February – 12 June 2012

Song Dong is a Chinese conceptual artist whose latest exhibition consists of over 10,000 household items laid out in the Curve Gallery in the Barbican Centre.
Waste Not is the external representation of his mother’s depression, brought about by her husband’s death, which resulted in her becoming a serial hoarder. Over seven years she amassed many items ranging from hundreds of plastic bottles through to dozens of empty cardboard boxes. The fact that these are everyday items will make you question your own possessions. Will those boutique bags or childhood toys really come in useful one day?
The Curve is the perfect gallery to host this exhibition. Its unique layout makes the collection appear to extend without end.
Though Waste Not hints at the wider issue of  the impact of one person on the environment, it’s the personal element to Song Dong’s work that provides its poignancy.

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