Sunday, 18 March 2012


Verdict: Give it a miss
Where: Gazelli Art House, Mayfair
When: 15 March - 19 April
Mayfair isn’t lacking in art galleries but Gazelli Art House are going to try to carve a niche by opening their first permanent home there. Their launch exhibition is named after the Sanskrit word for enlightenment but is full of conceptual art that is more likely to confuse than enlighten.

If you like pieces that sit on the fringes of the definition of art, then you may enjoy debating whether a 500lb bar of soap and a painted cup cast in bronze are works of art.

There are a few things that catch the eye, such as the giant steel man who’s curled up in a defensive posture begging the question of what he has to fear; but such cleverness is in short supply.

It’s a bold move to open the gallery with a show that is guaranteed to divide opinions. As the exhibition has a spiritual title, it’s disappointing that it feels somewhat cold and doesn’t draw the viewer in.

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