Monday, 23 April 2012


Verdict: Worth a look
Where: National Theatre
When: 16 April - 4 June 2012

When you think festival, you may think of the musical or the religious variety, but this exhibition interprets the term quite loosely - even stretching to a hot dog eating contest.

There are many photographs here and they include familiar festivals such as Glastonbury, the Hajj and the Chinese floating lanterns. However the most interesting part is finding out about festivals that you didn't know existed. Who knew that Iran has a water pistol festival and that India has a camel fair.

There are some visually spectacular images present such as a man diving through a sea of tomatoes and a boy covered in powder during the Hindu festival of Holi. 

La Tomatina

Where this exhibition fails to fully measure up is that the previous inhabitants of the National Theatre's mezzanine have been amazing such as the landscape photographer of the year. Though these photographs are very interesting and some are captivating, only a few stand out as meritorious photographs in their own right without the festival context.

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