Saturday, 22 June 2013

Goldsmiths Degree Show

In keeping with my promise to get to more degree shows this year, I went to the Goldsmiths exhibition last weekend.

The whole feel of the art was very 'on trend' with plenty of video art and two very interactive exhibitions - one involving black lights and the other where you had to climb on top of a giant metal crate, and I had to sign a health and safety disclaimer before I was allowed to climb.

Despite the prevalence of video and abstract works, it was the more representative art that stood out for me. With two artists in particular that I think are ones to keep an eye on:

I liked Amanda Lee's Paris / Kenya work where a lone tree in a desert has the Paris Metro superimposed on top of it so it becomes an obstacle for incoming trains. The contrast between natural vs artificial light and isolation vs busy crowds makes this a great photograph.

Her other work uses a similar technique with a Philadelphia train platform and a Hong Kong airport. By placing arrival times above the heads of passengers on a moving walkway makes for a humorous dig at the regularity of life.

Johnny Hoglund's Yawn series simply involve moving strips of the canvas out of alignment to create a distorted face. Yet the impact of this technique mixed with the monochrome palette creates a Bacon-esque feel to his work that's visually striking.

Despite lots of work being on display, these were the two that really stood out for me.

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