Sunday, 11 December 2011

Caroline Gibello – ‘Water and Dust’

Verdict: Worth a look
Where: Mufti, North Kensington
When: 10 November 201110 January 2012

What is it? Photographs of both animal and plant life in Africa, mainly in black and white with colour and contrast used to accentuate the photo’s subject matter.

My opinion: Mufti is a strange location to display art as it is what I can only describe as an antique furniture shop.  The shop has a cluttered intimate feel which is ideal for selling its wares but not the best for displaying art.  The subtle black and white photographs seem to blend into the background and look like they are just part of the general ambience of the store.  Some of the photos are behind beds and tables that prevent you from taking a close look.  The shop did require me to travel out of my way to see it as it is located on a local high street.

The two reasons above are why I haven’t given this exhibit a ‘go see it’ verdict for the photos themselves are superb.  Gibello filters the colours to purposefully highlight or blend in the subject matter.  The vegetation is ‘whited out’ so that the animals in the photos look even more prominent, whether they are elephants, giraffe or hippopotamus. The opposite effect is also used to show you how well a lioness blends into the long grass and becomes near invisible to its prey.

These are some excellent photographs, worthy of a gallery to be displayed in.

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