Thursday, 29 December 2011

‘I saw square triangle sine’ by Haroon Mirza

Verdict: Give it a miss
Where: Camden Arts Centre, Finchley
When: 7 October 20118 January 2012

What is it?  A melange of musical instruments that are programmed to play set sounds accompanied by a drum kit that visitors are allowed to have a go on and an LCD display unit that repeats a sound wave followed by the title of the installation.

What did I think?  I’m a big fan of mixed media and can see how music and art can intersect but this installation just didn’t work for me.  It wouldn’t be experimental art if the instruments played a tune but the exhibit largely produces a sound that is more noise than anything rhythmic or harmonic.

The addition of a drum kit that allows the viewer to interact with the art has the potential to be involving but I just felt like I was adding to the noise.  If I knew how to play the drums then maybe I could’ve added to the work but an installation should never require the viewer’s direct involvement to complete it.

While playing the drums you can gaze at the Pollock-esque paintings on the back wall but these seem divorced from the rest of the exhibit and don’t seem to add anything to it.

This didn’t hit the right notes for me so I would suggest passing it by.  However, if you’re in the Camden Arts Centre to see ‘A world of glass’ then you should pop in and see if it has a similar effect on you.

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