Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Artist

Verdict: Go see it
Where: At your local cinema
When: On general release

What is it? A modern black and white silent film that charts the fall of a silent movie star as the rise of 'talkies' makes his art form a relic of the past.

What I thought? Yes, I know a film may not fit in with the rest of the blog but this truly is a work of art and something very out of the ordinary for the film world that is usually pre-occupied with sequels and explosions – my kind of movies.

The film starts with a shot of one of George Valentin's (played brilliantly by Jean Dujardin) films and Valentin taking the plaudits once the film concludes. Valentin clearly laps up the attention but is a very likeable character so you feel for him when his career and marriage plummet as 'talkies' become all the rage and silent movies fall by the wayside.

This story revolves around the love between the two leads, with Peppy Miller played by Berenic Bejo starring alongside Dujardin. Both leads dominate the screen with their charisma and chemistry.

This takes nothing away from their co-stars Jon Goodman and the dog both having scene-stealing roles.

Though there are comedic moments, with knowing winks to the silent movie era, the plot itself has a dramatic edge and right until the end you're kept on tenterhooks on whether it will be a happy or a sad ending for the couple.

This is a rare experience to see something truly unique at the cinema, especially one that is on general release.

Going into this movie I thought that there is no way that I will like a silent, black and white film, but I'm glad to have been proved wrong.

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