Sunday, 8 January 2012

Daniel Buren – ‘One thing to another, situated works’

Verdict:  Give it a miss
Where: Lisson Gallery, Marylebone
When: 23 November 2011 – 14 January 2012

What is it? Artworks that focus on bold lines and colours, using translucent or transparent media that interact with the natural light filtering through them.

What I thought?  Contemporary artists have been using simple bold colours, inspired by the likes of Mondrian and Matisse for many years now.  Does Buren bring any fresh insight to this field?  Frankly, no.

This small exhibition may be split into two different kinds of works.  The first set is blinds with coloured stripes running down them and they look uninspired.

The second, larger, installations show more promise.  They consist of raised panels of coloured glass that allow the natural light to filter through them on to the floor.  This has the potential to create an impressive effect but the two installations are outdoors and in a large room with a skylight respectively.   This is winter and the very little light coming through washes out the effect that the installations are seeking to achieve.  One can’t but imagine how much better these works could have been if this exhibition had been during the height of summer or had used artificial lights instead.

Nothing new to see here.

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