Sunday, 27 November 2011

Marble Arch of Litter by Miguel Romo review

Where: Marble Arch, Hyde Park
Verdict: Worth a look

What is it? A replica of Marble Arch made from the litter collected from Oxford, Bond and Regent streets in one 7 hour stretch. It's volume is 25 metres cubed but that doesn't mean much to most people so I'd describe it as 2 metres tall and 2 metres across - don't let the picture below convince you that it's bigger.

Verdict: My first impression was 'is that all they could find?'. I was a little underawed as I imagined that there would be more litter to be found.

The artist has teamed up with Westminster council to raise awareness of the fact that we litter on our streets and though this sculpture does draw attention to this, it does feel like you could collect the same amount of litter from the streets of any bustling metropolis. In India, I think you could make a scale replica of the Taj Mahal just with the litter from Delhi.

Still, it's more than it should be and there is no excuse to litter as there are many bins around – preach over. It's worth a look if you're passing by but nothing to go out of your way for – like I did, hence the disappointment.

Dates: Until November 29 2011.

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