Saturday, 26 November 2011

Paul Noble: Welcome to Nobson review

Where: Gagosian Gallery, King's Cross
Verdict: Give it a miss

What is it? Paul Noble has created a world of his own through a set of sculptures and intricate architectural drawings.

Verdict: The Gagosian and I have had a chequered past with their exhibitions being very hit and miss, though one my favourite exhibits – Sustaining Light by James Turrell – was displayed there last year.

It has always come across as over-pretentious with all the gallery staff being suited and the previous time I was there, two staff were talking quietly and were told to quiet down by the manager. Possibly to preserve the mystique of the place, as neither I nor the other viewers seemed to be bothered by the conversation. So it can be very good or downright awful.

Come the turn of Paul Noble to see whether he classifies as good or bad, but in this case it's the all new category of ugly. The segmented beings he has created to inhabit Nobson resemble turds and that seems fitting for such a poor exhibition. The drawings are intricate and there is no doubting that the artist has talent but with the drawings only being limited by the artist's imagination, it's surprising that he has come up with architecture that's so unimaginative and flat. He's clearly been inspired by Escher but his work has none of Escher's intelligence and creativity.

I do feel bad savaging a free exhibit, it feels akin to shouting at a puppy; but this puppy has pissed on my shoes and it deserves a telling off.

This one's definitely not worth the visit.

Dates: November 10 - December 17 2011.

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