Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Sicilia il Viaggio' review

Where: South Bank, Waterloo
Verdict: Go see it

What is it? A selection of photographs of Sicily taken by a native, and clearly very talented, photographer. It's on display in the open, along the South Bank. The photos range from the scenic (beaches, azure seas and birds eye views of towns) to those showing daily life.

Verdict: All of the photos are visually stunning. I can't take anything away from the stunning views of azure seas and hidden beaches but these are the kinds of photos we've all seen before. The overhead views of towns full of closely packed buildings and close ups of architecture are a bit special. But, the real gems are those of Sicilians taking part in daily life – the stand-outs being a beautiful Sicilian woman standing in a doorway and a fisherman at work.

This was a pleasant surprise to stumble across and it even made me want to visit Sicily. I've travelled a lot of Europe but I've never even considered Sicily as a location, now I'm seriously re-considering it.  You can't get a better seal of approval than that ... that said I'll probably have a quixotic change of heart and take it off the list of places to visit.  That's more a knock on my decisiveness than the inspiring nature of the photographs.

Dates: 7-20 November 2011

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